Fiber Mill

Mill Services

Fiber preparation - tumbling, washing, and picking removes dirt and forgein matter

Dehairing - helps eliminate guard hairs and vegetable matter.

Carding - aligns fibers into roving or batts.

Felting - turns your fiber into felted sheets.

Price sheet, Terms of Service, and Order Form

What We Do

We transform raw fiber from alpaca and sheep farmers across the country,  into premium-grade materials sought after by hand spinners, felters, and fiber artists.

Referral Program

We have a simple referral program here at The Iowa Fiber Mill.  When you refer a new client, and that person processes their fiber with us, you both receive $25 off your next invoice.  It's that easy. 

Schedule Today

Get in touch with us to schedule a processing date for your harvest, or for more information on how you can purchase our high-quality and one-of-a-kind roving. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Service Agreement

The Iowa Fiber Mill (“TIFM”) custom processes fiber in a way that consumes fewer resources and showcases the fiber. In order to process your fiber and create superior value for you, here are the necessary responsibilities we must expect from each other.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Send quality fiber that has been well prepared, (skirted and sorted, et) accepting that TIFM may reject fiber that is not fit for processing.
  • Pay return shipping for all fiber that is rejected for processing.
  • Complete sign and return this Agreement with your $50 non-refundable reservation fee (will be deducted from your final invoice).
  • Send your fiber in clear plastic bags.

The Iowa Fiber Mill Responsibilities

  • Provide timely communication regarding your processing requests, payment terms, and the tracking of your shipments.
  • Provide a website that clearly explains our mill and the types of services we off
  • Keep clear and accurate records of all fiber that comes in and goes out of our mill.
  • Give you the highest quality processing available for your fiber with accurate labeling.
  • Do our utmost to offer scheduling options that accommodate your needs.